MSL and medical sales coach

Real strategies for landing MSL and Medical Sales jobs

Products and coaching options for job search success

Clinical Strategies has developed tools and coaching options specifically for job seekers searching for jobs in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries.  Let us help you land your dream job.  All invoicing is done through PayPal.  We are pleased to announce that PayPal now offers the “Pay Later” option to our customers.  This allows you to take up to six months to pay for services over $100.00.

Resume Writing – Have your resume written by the medical sales experts.  One page resumes – $325.00 and two page resumes – $375.00.  E-mail for pricing on executive resumes and academic CVs.  Resume writing includes cover letter (written in email format).

Breaking into Medical Sales – Your Guide to Success – Everyone agrees, sending your resume to an actual hiring manager is key to job search success, but how do you find those decision makers?  The Strategic Job Search Guide for Medical Sales provides step by step instructions on finding names of key decision makers but also teaches techniques for finding the email addresses.  You will also learn to expand the scope of by being introduced to 100s of new companies during your research.  Stop depending on job postings and start controlling your job search.  If you are tired of submitting your resume into a black hole, The Strategic Job Search Guide for Medical Sales is for you! – $17.75.  To purchase this game changing job search guidebook go to:

Interview Coaching / Preparation – Medical sales interviews are complex multi-step processes.  Hiring managers will ask a series of behavioral questions and expect a candidate to respond using the STAR format.  We utilize a true role play format for our interview preparation sessions.  During the session we will ask you the questions most likely to be asked, evaluate your answer and then assist you in refining the answer to ensure interview success.  Also covered will be presenting brag books, 30/60/90 day plans, good closing questions and closing statements.  Audio taping of the session is also available.  Interview preparation session – $75.00.  Audio taping of session is an additional $10.00.

30/60/90 Day Plans – A well developed 30/60/90 Day Plan can be a true differentiator in the interview process.  Our templates provide step by step guidance on content to include, professional formats to get attention, and guidance on when and how to present the plan.  30/60/90 Day Plans – $59.00.

Detailed Resume Critique w/Editing – Your resume content will be critiqued to identify areas that need improvement, areas that are counter productive to your job search goals, and formatting issues that detract from your message.  Detailed content corrections and suggestions are provided in addition to a professionally formatted template to build your resume on.  All resume templates are developed so that they can be updated in the future without formatting issues and also used as the foundation for LinkedIn profiles.  Fee for Detailed Resume Critique w/Editing – $125.00 with a 48 hour turnaround time.

Strategic Consultations – Not sure if medical sales is for you?  Trying to understand where your search is going wrong?  Just need to talk to an expert to better understand the industry and best options for you?  45 Minute Strategic Consultations – $65.00.

All coaching sessions are conducted on a one to one basis and customized based on your background and job search goals.  Templates and e-booklets are delivered electronically.  Invoicing for products and services is done through PayPal.  Want to purchase a product?  E-mail


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