MSL and medical sales coach

Real strategies for landing MSL and Medical Sales jobs

About the author

Elizabeth Danford has over 15 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, with the last five years spent helping job seekers land jobs in the pharmaceutical and medical industries.  She has successfully coached candidates into jobs at over 100 pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and healthcare companies.  Her clients include Vice Presidents of Sales, National Sales Directors, Regional Sales Managers, Directors of Marketing, Directors of Managed Markets, experienced sales reps, B2B sales reps transitioning into medical sales, and new graduates seeking their first jobs.  She founded Clinical Strategies & Resume Writing with industry recruiting veteran Leslie McRimmon to provide job seekers with expert strategy and guidance based on the constantly changing job market.  Recognizing that traditional job search methods were now longer effective in a saturated job market, Clinical Strategies developed a program focused on providing job seekers the tools to conduct a proactive job search and market themselves directly to key decision makers.  Job seekers conducting a proactive job search land jobs an average of 50% faster than their peers using traditional job search methods.  Visit to learn more.

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