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MSL Resume Writing Services

job search pictureIt seems that I am contacted almost daily by aspiring MSLs asking for “tips” on how to write a resume that will get them noticed by a recruiter or through the automated computer screening process.  Developing a resume for the MSL role is a complex process with multiple factors impacting the effectiveness of it.  Understanding the MSL role (not just the job description) is essential.  The next element is understanding how a candidate’s background will translate to the skills needed for the MSL role.  A good resume will serve as a template for the information discussed during the interview.  Beyond content there are other considerations such as format, key words, and the application process.

I have over 10 years of experience developing resumes and coaching candidates into MSL positions and no two candidates are alike.  It is important that a candidate highlight their unique features as they relate to the MSL role.  We have recently updated our website to offer additional information to assist Medical Science Liaison candidates.  Visit to learn more about the resume writing and job search process.

Elizabeth Danford

MSL Resume Writer and Job Search Coach