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Job search guidance for aspiring MSLs

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Landing your first MSL job as an aspiring MSL can seem like a daunting challenge.  You know other people have succeeded in landing MSL jobs with no prior experience, but you find yourself submitting resumes into a black hole.  You have networked, pleaded with peers, written compelling cover letters, and still receive immediate rejections after completing job applications online.  What next?  There are more effective ways to submit your resume that will lead to real results.  Change your job search strategy and you will change the results.  Quit spending hours filling out applications.  Send your resume to actual hiring managers. “Launching your MSL Career – the Job Search Guidebook” provides step by step instructions on how to identify hiring managers, find their emails, and send your resume in a professional manner that will get results. The MSL Job Search Guidebook will provide insight into what a well written professional resume looks like, an understanding of the interview process, and help you identify companies that hire MSLs with no prior experience.  Developed by well known MSL resume writer and job search coach Elizabeth Danford, it is an essential tool for aspiring MSLs serious about their job search.
“Launching your MSL Career” is being offered through the month of January at a discounted price to support your job search goals.  Download the PDF file when you check-out, no waiting to start your new job search.


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