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Real strategies for landing MSL and Medical Sales jobs

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Not getting results from your MSL job search? There is a solution.

Aspiring MSLs are landing jobs every week. Do you find yourself wondering what it will take to get an interview? Understanding the hiring process from a manager’s perspective is the first step to success. The answers to your questions about the job search and interview process are answered in the MSL job search guidebook “Launching your MSL Career”. Everything you need to conduct a more effective job search is in the guidebook, including step by step instructions on how to get your resume into the hands of key decision makers. Elizabeth Danford and Leslie McRimmon created “Launching your MSL Career” based on the same strategies and techniques used to successfully coach over 100 aspiring MSLs into their first MSL job. Are you ready to go from aspiring MSL to working Medical Science Liaison?

Purchase and download your copy today.

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No MSL experience? No problem. Real tips for landing your first MSL job.

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Searching for that first MSL job can be a frustrating and disheartening experience. There are lots of jobs posted, but they all require MSL experience. How do you get MSL experience if no one hires entry level MSLs? As I job search coach, I have the unique advantage of knowing what types of people companies REALLY hire. Guess what, most MSL jobs are not filled by experienced MSLs. Actually, a very small percentage of MSL jobs are filled by experienced MSLs. That’s right, most MSL jobs are filled by candidates with NO MSL EXPERIENCE. I know this because I see the job offers my coaching clients receive. All companies train their MSLs. They are looking for core traits (scientifically, therapeutically, personality, confidence) to build from.

What does it take to land that first MSL job? Insight, strategy, and initiative.
INSIGHT – as a Ph.D., Pharm.D. or M.D. you have lots of significant experience, but not all of it is relevant to the MSL role. Build a resume that presents your features (experiences) that best relate to skills used in the MSL role. Having insight into the role and what companies need from their MSLs will help you accomplish this.

STRATEGY – How are you going to tell your story? Are you going to be passive and wait for jobs to be posted before sending a resume? Develop a strategy to get noticed by key decision makers. Instead of focusing on the job search process, understand a company’s hiring process. Use a top-down approach to demonstrate your ability to reach key opinion leaders.

INITIATIVE – You have your resume and job search strategy in place, now take the initiative and start marketing yourself to key decision makers. The more people that see your resume the more likely you will land an interview. Differentiate yourself by demonstrating initiative and sending your resume to a hiring manager.

Questions about the MSL role or job search process? Ask Elizabeth, resume writer, interview coach, and MSL job search specialist. Email me at: