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Is your resume helping or hurting your Medical Sales job search?

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Pic - interview questionDo you find yourself scratching your head trying to figure out what it takes to get an interview for a medical sales job? Have you submitted dozens of resumes and not received a single interview? Have you landed interviews but spent most of the interview trying to explain your background as you go through your resume? If you find yourself stuck in your job search, it is probably time to take an objective look at your resume. It is the foundation for your job search. As a tool – is it helping or hurting your job search?

As a specialized resume writer, I review dozens of resumes each month. When I review resumes I try to put myself in the place of a hiring manager. He is busy and may have 300 resumes sitting in his inbox. When he opens a resume, he is going to spend 10 seconds or less deciding if you are a valid candidate. Many times the resumes I read feel more like a puzzle and I am forced to search hard to put the pieces together. A hiring manager will not do that, he will just close the resume. Improve your chances for success by following a few resume writing tips.

Before you write your resume, define yourself as a product. Identify your features and then ask yourself which features are relevant to the medical sales role? (You must have a strong grasp of what features are needed to succeed in medical sales.) When listing accomplishments, be sure they are meaningful. Stay focused and concise. Providing information that is not relevant will distract the reader from seeing the truly important features.

Take into consideration the way the eye and mind process information. Simple details matter. People read from left to right. The most important information should be on the left side of the page. Do you want the reader to see the dates you were employed before seeing your company name and title? The answer to that is no. Be sure they see you are a valid candidate by showing where you work and your job title.

Be sure that the first page relays the essential information. Don’t fill the entire first page of your resume up with education, skills, and overly verbose bullet points trying to make a case for yourself. The reader must be able to start reading your professional experience when the resume is first opened. Don’t make them search multiple pages to get to your job history.

Is it time to update your resume? Who writes it does matter. I specialize in writing resumes for medical sales careers. My extensive knowledge of the medical sales role, the job search and interview process enable me to write high impact resumes that get results. I am able to evaluate your experience and translate your background into terms relevant to the medical sales role. A copy of my medical sales job search guidebook is included with every resume. Email me directly if you have questions about the medical sales role, job search process or your resume.
Elizabeth Danford, medical sales job search specialist, resume writer, and interview coach.

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