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Does activity equal productivity? Not in a job search.

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Does your job search have you feeling like a hamster on a wheel?

Does your job search have you feeling like a hamster on a wheel?

What does your job search look like? Do you spend hours each day searching job boards, submitting resumes to blind job postings and filling out applications on company websites only to find yourself no closer to an interview? This is definitely activity, but is it productivity? The truth is that not all activity is productive. There are some basic strategies that can ensure your job search activity is productive, but it requires changing the way you conduct your job search. Assign a goal to each step of the job search process and you will quickly realize how ineffective your current strategy is.

  • Writing your resume → to get the attention of a hiring manager, to serve as a tool to make the interview easier
  • Submitting your resume to a company website → to generate an interview
  • Phone screen with HR → to land you an interview with a hiring manager

All it takes is a quick analysis of activities and goals and it becomes obvious that the point of every activity is to get in front of a hiring manager. It is very unlikely that this will be accomplished by submitting a resume to a web portal. Notable statistic – Less than 10 of every 500 resumes submitted on-line will ever be seen by a hiring manager. If the goal is to have your resume seen by a hiring manager, why are you starting from the bottom up? For most job seekers the answer is simple – it is the only way they know how to do it. Your goal should be to send your resume to a high level decision maker and let them refer it down. Using this strategy will not only ensure your resume is read, it separates you from the 100s of other candidates competing for the same job. The best part of this strategy is that it allows you to market yourself to a company even if they don’t have jobs posted! Notable statistic – over 50% of jobs filled are never posted anywhere.

Non-posted (or hidden) jobs are found because candidates go to the jobs instead of waiting for the jobs to come to them. Many times it is about timing or becoming a solution before a problem is known. Imagine your resume being opened by the VP of Sales the same day he learns his sales rep is leaving that works in your territory. Maybe they plan on firing a sales rep in your area but can’t post the job or the rep would find out. It really is that simple. When you focus on marketing yourself to companies, you spend your job search time productively.

Questions about your job search?  Ask Elizabeth, specialty resume writer and medical sales and MSL job search specialist.  Helping job seekers achieve their job search goals though development and execution of proactive job search strategies.



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