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Interviewing for medical sales jobs – are you hijacking the interview?

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Medical sales interviews are structured multi-step processes.  Hiring managers have an agenda and will evaluate each candidate based on what they learn during the interview.  Many companies have complex evaluation forms that hiring managers complete during the interview.  How you handle the interview is a big indicator of your sales style and how you will handle future meetings with doctors.  Sales people tend to believe that by getting the manager “off script” they are making a connection.  But connecting with a hiring manager is really not enough.  They have to believe they can MANAGE you.  By hijacking the interview you are showing them that you may be hard to manage.  After you leave the interview the hiring manager will review his notes and realize that he did not have ½ his questions answered.

I have seen candidates insist on the hiring manager reviewing their brag books or 30-60-90 day plans, even when he said he did not need to.  This is yet another way of hijacking the interview by not allowing him to follow his agenda.  Part of the reason that medical sales interviews are so structured is to evaluate how a candidate handles structured processes.  This is because the job itself requires high levels of structure and self-discipline.  When a hiring manager asks you a question – answer the question.  Avoid trying to insert additional information because you think he needs to it or you want him to know something that might not be related to the question asked.  A common interview mistake is answering multiple questions at once because you think it is helpful.  Wait and let the hiring manager ask you the question before you answer.  Hiring managers are not impressed by candidates who over talk.  They will assume you would do this on a sales call and doctors are simply too busy for that type of meeting.

When interviewing, saying less is definitely more.  Let the hiring manager ask the question.  Answer the question.  Once you answer – stop talking!  It is okay if he has a follow up question.  His questions give you great insight into what is important to him.

Do you have questions about the job search process?  Ask Elizabeth, resume writer, interview coach, medical sales job search specialist.

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