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Important tips for anyone trying to land a medical sales job.

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Not a day goes by that I am not contacted by a frustrated job seeker who has hit a wall while searching for a medical sales job.  If you analyze the steps in your job search, there are three basic areas that people get “stuck”.  Don’t get discouraged, each challenge has a solution.  Start by identifying which area you are having problems with.  I have coached 100s of candidates from all backgrounds who have successfully landed medical sales jobs.  Understanding the job search process and how to overcome your specific challenges is essential.  I created the Strategic Guide for Landing Medical Sales Jobs to help job seekers land medical sales jobs faster by overcoming their job search challenges.

Issue # 1 – Not getting interviews.  You apply to dozens of jobs online and still don’t get called for interviews.

PROBLEM:  Your resume.  SOLUTION:  Evaluate your resume and fix it!  It has to pass the 12 second test – once the resume is opened you will have 12 seconds or less of the reader’s attention.  How do you stack up against the competition (the other 299 people who also submitted resumes)?

Issue # 2 – Your resume isn’t being seen by a hiring manager. 

PROBLEM:  Your resume is being screened out during the online application process.  You receive automated rejections without a human ever opening the resume.  SOLUTION:  Send your resume directly to hiring managers.  Do not leave your fate up to a computer system designed to eliminate as many candidates as possible.  On average less than 10 of every 500 resumes submitted will ever make it to the hiring manager’s desk.

Issue # 3 – Getting interviews but no job offers. 

PROBLEM:  You land interviews but continue to get stuck at the same place in the interview process.  SOLUTION:  If you get rejected after the 2nd or 3rd interview by more than three companies, it is time to get professional interview coaching.  Interviewing is not easy.  Every part of the interview is crucial.  Are you bringing your brag book out at the wrong time? Asking ordinary questions?  Not closing?  Closing too hard?  Identify the issue and fix it before you lose another opportunity.

What are your job search issues?  Ask Elizabeth, the medical sales job search specialist.


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