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Free booklet on how to break into medical sales – available now

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Breaking into medical sales free guidebookI am asked for “tips” on how to break into medical sales on a daily basis.  The answer is both simple and not so simple.  Landing a medical sales job is a challenge even for experienced reps, which can make landing your first medical sales job seem daunting.  The strategies I use in my coaching program are proven effective.  Everyone needs a sound strategy to be successful in a job search.  I have put together a short electronic guide booklet with tips for breaking into medical sales.  It outlines the same strategy I use when coaching clients.  It is now free to anyone trying to land a medical sales job.  Please email me at to get your copy today.

Elizabeth Danford, Resume Writer & Interview Coach, Job Search Strategist Specializing in Medical Device & Pharmaceutical Sales and MSL positions


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