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The job market has changed, has your job search strategy?

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Five years ago, everyonJob search funnele searched for jobs the exact same way, by responding to job postings and waiting for someone to call.  If you have not changed your job search strategy to reflect the new job market, you are probably going to be looking for a very long time.

Is this what your job search looks like?  Are you one of the 300 resumes going in the large end of a funnel and hoping that you will be one of the few selected to interview?  As you can see, your odds aren’t very good in this model.  Most job seekers don’t realize there are other ways to conduct a job search.  They simply do what they were taught and what worked in the past.  These methods simply don’t work in the current competitive job market.

 Think of how different your job search would be if you bypassed the initial screening process and sent straight to decision makers.

 Once you are in a job search, you become a product.  Good sales people always sell their products directly to decision makers!

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