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Real strategies for landing MSL and Medical Sales jobs

Are you tired of submitting your resume into a black hole? There is a solution.

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The most common frustration I hear from job seekers is the lack of response they receive from companies once they submit their resumes online.  In some cases a rejection email will arrive minutes after submitting Stop submitting your resume into the black holean application.   Over 50% of the rejection letters sent to job applicants are automatically generated by a computer based on the information input during the application process.  For every job posted there are an average of 300 resumes submitted.  Less than 10 of every 500 resumes submitted will make it to a hiring managers desk.  With odds like this, landing a medical sales job can seem more like a fantasy than a realistic goal.

You can dramatically increase your chance of landing an interview by ensuring that your resume is seen by a true decision maker.  Move away from the time consuming and frustrating cycle of submitting resumes online (and into the black hole) by identifying key decision makers at pharmaceutical and medical device companies and emailing your resume to them directly.  Show a hiring manager that you have initiative and know how to get past the gatekeeper (isn’t that what sales is all about) by emailing your resume directly to him.

Clinical Strategies & Resume Writing is pleased to announce that The Strategic Job Search Guide for Medical Sales is now available.  This game changing guidebook teaches you how to develop an effective job search strategy and provides step by step instructions on how to identify key decision makers AND find their email addresses.  It provides the tools to market yourself (yes, you are a product) to companies, increasing your chances of landing one of the mysterious “hidden jobs”.  How many times have you read that 40% of all jobs filled are never posted anywhere.  This process gives you access to those unadvertised jobs by teaching you to focus on companies and not only on job postings.

Changing your job search strategy will change your job search results.

Contact Elizabeth Danford, the medical sales job search expert, coach, resume writer, and candidate advocate for more information.  The guidebook is available electronically and can be purchased for $27.00.

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