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Medical sales interviewing 101 – Why should we hire you?

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This very basic question sends fear and panic through the hearts of even the most confident candidates.  It is really very basic and most candidates will over complicate it.  Why should they hire you?  The default is to answer the question by listing how you believe you match the job description.  The problem is that repeating the same information that has already been covered in the interview will not add anything new to the hiring manager’s evaluation of you.  This is a great opportunity to set your-self apart from the other candidates by delivering an answer that has impact and is memorable.

An impactful answer will be concise and focused.  You will deliver it with confidence.  It should be built around what the company needs (did you gain insight into their pain?) and not what you want.  Never start with “because I really want this job and have the experience you are looking for”.  Every candidate sitting across from that manager is likely going to recite the many ways they match the job description.

First, as a candidate, be sure YOU understand why he should hire you.  What makes you better than the other candidates?  How are you different?  What is it that you bring to the table that will compel him to hire you?  There is a reasonable chance that you may be evenly matched with the other candidates, use this moment to differentiate your-self.

Impactful answers might include:

  1. You should hire me because I refuse to be second best and will do whatever it takes to become your number one sales rep.
  2. You should hire me because I do not consider meeting my goals to be acceptable, I always strive to exceed them.

AND I possess the experience and knowledge to make this happen.

After delivering your answer take a breath, smile, and wait for his response.  Over talking is one of the top reasons managers shy away from a sales candidate.  Don’t sabotage the interview by continuing to talk once he has heard your answer.

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