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Searching for a medical sales job? 3 key modules for job search success.

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A successful job search is a process.  To be successful you can’t skip any part of the process.  I have broken the search process down into 3 essential modules:

1)      The resume

2)      The search process

3)      The interview process

Compare these modules to building a house.  The foundation (your resume) will always come first.  Next the framework goes up (the search process) and lastly the roof (the interview process) goes on.  There is absolutely no way to circumvent any of these steps in building a house (or trying to land a medical sales job).

To overcome your job search challenges take a look at each module and identify where it is you are getting stuck.

Your resume – as the foundation of your search it is crucial that it is not only well written, but relevant.  Your resume will initially be reviewed for 12 seconds or less.  What do you say that will compel a hiring manager to keep reading after that initial glance?  How confident are you that your format is competitive by current professional standards?  A well written resume is a tool that will make the interview process easier.

A well-developed resume can’t get you an interview alone, but a poorly written resume will keep you from getting the interview!

The search process – this is the framework, you will not land interviews without using an effective search strategy.  HOW you submit your resume and WHO you submit it to are essential elements of this module.  The least effective strategy is to focus primarily on responding to posted jobs via on-line web portals.  With 100s of resumes submitted to every posted job it is highly unlikely you will be noticed.  Change your approach entirely.  Market yourself (yes, you are a product) directly to key decision makers in companies regardless of posted jobs.  Statistics state that over 40% of the jobs filled are never posted, find those jobs by being pro-active!

The interview – this final step is a direct result of building a good foundation and using the right framework!  Interviewing is more competitive than ever.  Sales people naturally believe they have the advantage because they are good communicators, but being too good of a communicator can also hurt you.  Why?  Quite simply, most people OVER TALK.  In my conversations with hiring managers (DMs on up to VPs) the primary reason they will do offer a seemingly qualified candidate the job is because they talked too much.  If you talk too much in the interview it is likely this is also the way you will communicate with the doctors, who are too busy to start with.  Understand the reason you are asked certain questions and have a plan before you start to answer.  Ask HIGH IMPACT questions and CLOSE in a positive, forward moving way.

Where are you getting stuck in the job search process?  Identify your true challenge and take the steps to fix it.

Looking for solutions to overcome your job search obstacles?
Ask Elizabeth, the Medical Sales Job Search Specialist, Interview Coach and Resume Writer.

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