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How will understanding “pain” help land a medical sales job?

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What does “pain” have to do with the interview process? Everything!  In reality, you are only interviewing because a company is feeling pain. “Pain” can be viewed in many different ways.  Pain is what motivates a person to buy a product or service and it is what motivates a company to hire a new employee. Understanding a hiring manager’s (or company’s) pain will give you the ability to demonstrate that you are the solution to their pain. Even the dreaded “Why should we hire you?” question comes down to pain. The fact is, “sales” is about pain. When a manager has an open position and is interviewing, he is doing so because he has pain. Try and identify the source of the pain. Is the territory not meeting expectations? Did an established rep leave and they need to reassure the customers that they will be taken care of at the same level? Are they launching a new product and need to expand the sales team? Keep your answers focused on his pain and not your “wants”. In an interview, it is not about what a candidate wants, but what a manager needs and how you fit with that need.

“Why should we hire you?” is not as scary if you are confident about why you are the right person. Avoid turning your answer into an infomercial by listing your qualifications as they relate to the job description.  Use this opportunity to be decisive and impactful – “You should hire me because I don’t consider just meeting my goals as acceptable. Throughout my career I have always exceeded my goals. I possess the experience and drive to do the same for you.”

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