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You apply to every posting you find – why aren’t you getting calls back?

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Regardless of your experience level, if your job search strategy consists mainly of applying to jobs online, you have probably felt that you are submitting your resume into a giant black hole.

For most job seekers, that is exactly what is happening.  With 100s of candidates applying for every posted position, it can be a challenge just to have your resume opened. Some companies use software programs to route resumes into folders based on information submitted during the on-line application process.

How are you evaluated when you submit your resume?

First line screeners – recruiters and human resources, focus on finding an “ideal” candidate based on the job description they have been given to recruit for. You may receive a call after the candidates who seem like a perfect fit on paper have all been screened.  The frustrating part of this is that you can spend hours on these submissions, knowing you are perfect for the job, and still not get a call.

There are ways to substantially increase the odds of getting an interview. Start by deciding to control your job search, not be controlled by it. View yourself as a product and identify what you are selling about yourself and how you will sell it. Equally important is WHO you sell your product to!  Does your resume reflect you accurately and are the features highlighted the ones that hiring managers are really buying?

Key reminder – a poorly written resume will get even the strongest candidates ignored.

Next, analyze your strategy. Identify companies that hire medical sales reps and market yourself to them pro-actively, regardless of jobs posted (remember, at least 40% of all jobs filled are NEVER posted anywhere).  When a company has a job posted, focus on getting your resume into the hands of a high level decision maker as well.  Just applying on-line is a very passive approach to the job search and likely to double the amount of time it takes to find a job. The chances of your resume being reviewed will increase almost 100% by getting it into the hands of a true decision maker.

The strategies used to find jobs just a few years ago will not work in today’s highly saturated market.

What are your job search obstacles? Candidates are welcome to e-mail me with questions about their specific search challenges.

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