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Real strategies for landing MSL and Medical Sales jobs

Landing a medical sales job is not as hard as you might think with the right strategy

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Landing that first (or any) medical sales job can seem like a daunting challenge.  There are lots of jobs advertised, but they all require 2+ years of existing medical sales experience.  How do you get that first job if you don’t already have experience?

The fact is, almost every company out there will hire a medical sales reps with no existing medical sales experience.  All companies have extensive training programs and every sales rep hired, will be required to complete their training program, regardless of experience level.

Last week two of my medical sales coaching clients and three MSL coaching clients received job offers.

What did these job seekers do differently to that helped them land their jobs?

Step 1 – Identify what it is about you that is going to appeal to a hiring manager.  WHY are you a better candidate than the other 300 people who also want that same job?  Your resume needs to make an impression in 12 seconds or less.

Step 2 – Tell your story to actual decision makers.  If you are not an exact match for a job description you will be screened out by HR and recruiters.  They screen against a checklist and will look for candidates that meet at least 7 out of 10 key words.  Getting your resume to a high level decision maker demonstrates your ability to gain access to KOLs!

Step 3 – Excel in the interview.  Medical sales interviews are a multi-step process with a focus on behavioral questions.  Be prepared to present a 30-60-90 day and ask compelling closing questions.   Going into the process without a clear understanding of what to expect is a recipe for disaster.

What are your job search challenges?  Ask Elizabeth, the medical sales and MSL job search specialist.

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