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Searching for a medical sales job? A startling statistic you need to know.

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Any active job seeker has heard some of the basic job search statistics.  Yes, it is true that 40% – 60% of all jobs filled are never posted (we will touch on those hidden jobs later), but most job seekers do not realize that 40% of the jobs posted will never be filled.

Yes, you read that correctly.  40% of the medical sales jobs posted will never be filled.  How is that possible?

Let me explain:

1)      Duplicate postings.  You may find the exact same job posted by several different recruiters.

2)      Companies post jobs to stockpile resumes for anticipated future opening (which may or may not come to fruition).

3)      Postings stay up long after the job has been filled.

4)      A company bought a “block” of job postings from a job board and use them to add to their candidate database.

5)      The posted job is really being filled by an internal candidate, but a company posts to adhere to corporate hiring policies.

Have you applied to jobs that have been open for months and still not heard back?  If your job search strategy involves responding mainly to job postings, you are conducting a reactive / passive job search.  This strategy is the least effective, most time consuming, and by far most frustrating.  You may feel like you are making headway with your search because you have activity, but activity does not equal productivity.  To be productive with your job search, use a proactive strategy and MARKET yourself to key decision makers.  This gives you access to those “hidden jobs”, prevents you from wasting hours searching for new postings, and ensures that your resume is seen by a true decision maker.

Change the outcome of your job search by changing your job search strategy today.

The medical sales / MSL job search expert, resume writer, job search strategist and interview coach

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