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Where are those hidden jobs hiding?

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Picture of man searchingThe fact is, hidden jobs aren’t hiding at all.  To get interviews for “hidden jobs” you have to change your job search strategy.  It starts with being proactive versus reactive.  When conducting a proactive job search you focus on marketing yourself to companies and telling your story to key decision makers (isn’t that what sales people do?).  If you spend hours on-line applying to job postings you are conducting a reactive job search (passive and least effective).  It is crucial to remember that once a job is posted, you are automatically competing with 100s of other candidates.  Want to get noticed and get interviews – tell your story to a true decision maker.

Now you are asking yourself – where do you start?

First and foremost, define what your story is.  If you decide to market yourself, remember that you are now a product.  A resume has to draw a reader’s attention in less than 15 seconds.  A relevant, professionally written resume is the foundation for a successful job search.

Next you have to decide who should see your resume.  Focus on getting your resume into the hands of an educated buyer (hiring manger).  As a sales person you would not try to sell your products to the receptionist so why would you sell yourself to someone who doesn’t understand your background?  A high level decision maker is the person who knows what jobs will be available before they become job postings!

Are you ready to take control of your job search?  Contact Elizabeth to ask how you can change your job search strategy today.

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