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Why is being proactive and following trends better than being reactive and following job postings?

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This announcement is a great example of why a job seeker would want to follow trends in the pharmaceutical / medical industry as a strategic part of their job search.  Newly approved drugs mean Picture pillscompanies will hire teams to sell those products.  The strategic job seeker was targeting Salix months ago to get the attention of key decision makers.  If your job search is focused on responding to job postings, you are conducting a reactive job search, which is the least effective at getting interviews.

How many other opportunities are you missing by not being proactive in your job search?

Questions about how to run a proactive job search?  Ask Elizabeth, Medical / Pharmaceutical Career Strategist, Resume Writer, Interview Coach, Candidate Advocate

FDA approves 2nd botanical in 8 years, Fulyzaq from Salix

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