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Tired of submitting resumes into the black hole? Try submitting your resume directly to hiring managers instead.

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Stop submitting your resume into the black holeHave you experienced the frustration of spending hours submitting resume after resume on-line only to receive an automated response informing you that there are better qualified candidates they are pursuing?  Do you spend your time searching for job postings even though statistics how that over 50% of the jobs filled are never posted anywhere?  Do you find yourself wondering if there isn’t a better way to get noticed?  Do you believe that if you could just get the attention of a real decision maker you could finally land that medical sales interview?

Most job seekers are trained to be passive in their job search, but to be truly successful in a highly competitive job market you have to be more aggressive and find creative ways to get noticed by real decision makers.  Finding decision makers seems to be the major stumbling block with the approach.  But with the right tools and training anyone can find the name and e-mail address of almost any hiring manager in the pharmaceutical or medical device industry.  The fact is, the information is out there – you just have to know where to look.

Learn to use resources such as LinkedIn, Google, FDA databases and a company’s own website to identify key decision makers and find their e-mail addresses will dramatically change the results you get when submitting resumes.  The best news is that the process is not as difficult as you might think.  Elizabeth Danford has developed an easy to understand e-booklet that provides step by step instructions on how anyone can find key information crucial to job search success.

You will learn:

  • To identify names and e-mails for Regional Sales Directors and Vice Presidents of Sales
  • Discover great companies that you have never heard of
  • Gain insight into what backgrounds different companies look for when hiring sales representatives
  • How to leverage LinkedIn as the ultimate job search tool

What’s stopping you from achieving your goal?

The Identifying Key Decision Makers e-booklet is now available to guide you to job search success.

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